the basement

This is where you will find odds and ends that don’t really belong anywhere… except here in the basement.

Al Schaffer

Dock Of The Bay

In that same week that Tom first got his studio running in 2005, Ted, Mike, and Steve came over to jam a while and experiment.  Tom had also recently acquired a Hammond C3 organ and was anxious to have Mike try it out.  Amongst other tunes they recorded was one of Tom’s favorite songs Dock Of The Bay.  All of the instruments were in the same room except the vocals… so lots of bleed.  Here’s a recent mix of some old tracks.


This is a fun one delivered by Steve on Cruise Night 2000.  We were in the parking lot at the Coffee Roast Express, across from the Rose Hotel  We don’t play this one much anymore.  We might need to move this to the main section.

A couple of photos taken by Don Lane in 1990.  A couple more are shown on the 1983-1991 tab.  Randy couldn’t make it that day.  This was the only time we’ve ever been able to corral the members to take a photo.

This is not a 4Speeds performance anywhere… just a goofy excerpt from an impromptu hootnanny that we recorded at a New Year’s Eve party at Tom’s house around 1978.  Six guys, one mic.  JDBud takes the lead demonstrating his uncanny ability to remember lyrics .  Tom, Steve, Bruce squeaking out some almost harmonies.  Kazoo solo by Bruce or JDBud… not sure which.  Lynn, Rob, and Ron also.  Libations played a part.

So, maybe Tom is tone deaf.  Here is a nice tune that Steve is trying to sing in the key of A.  Tom is playing in the key of B-flat.  It sounds horrible but Tom’s mind is somewhere else so he doesn’t get it.  During the guitar solo Steve yells out the correct key to Tom. Tom is befuddled but corrects.  If that wasn’t bad enough he’s still confused and you can hear him going back to give B-flat another try.  ouch!  but hilarious.

Off Duty

Beer and poker were our second and third favorite band activities.  Starting at lower left and going clockwise: Steve Bailey, Lynn Frankson, Ron Glaum, Don Lane, JDBud Thornton, Tom Evans, Bruce Pruett, Tom Lane, Gary Kaprielian, Jeff Bailey.

Around 2006 Tom was building a studio in his home.  One of the first things we did was record a couple of tunes just for fun.  One of the tunes was the old Jaggerz song The Rapper.  As it turned out a couple weeks later we had gathered and we needed a headphone test for the studio to make sure everyone could hear.  We sat in a circle, put on the cans, had some beer and wine handy and I used The Rapper as the playback test.  Lynn, Ted, Steve on the left, JDBud and Tom on the right.

  • Koonawarra is a region in Australia that makes wine.
  • Lynn always used to trip on cords.  dang!
  • Most of us played on the 4Speeds softball team
  •  Movie reference:  It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

monkey boy