1978-1982 was a was mostly dormant for Tommy and the 4Speeds.  Tom and Randy were back in school.  Most of us had to get real jobs (dang!).  Not much time for music. 

However, in the years that followed (1983-1991) school was finished, the band members had settled in, and there was a renewed interest in getting the band back together.  Dale was able to participate as time allowed into the mid 1980’s.  We had lost our keyboard players over time.  This meant that Ron would now add piano playing to his singing duties.  Also, our baseball buddy, Gary Kaprielian, would now transition from clarinet in the Community Band to tenor sax for the 4Speeds.   Both of these members felt a certain amount of anxiety making these changes but they stepped up and really made things happen… never missed a beat.   (Thanks, guys!!)  Although we performed fairly regularly from 1984 to 1991 there’s not a lot of documentation.  We recorded a few songs in Ron’s living room (where we rehearsed).