Exciting times for the 4Speeds.  With the help of musical friend Margo Welch we found a real live permanent drummer – Randy Henderson!  Randy played in the Amador High School jazz band and also in the Chicago-styled band, Westbound.  He had plenty of musician friends and within a short time we also added Dale Wolford* on saxophone, Tim Abrott on piano, and Allen Graham as MC.  Tommy and the 4Speeds was now ready to start things up!  Weekly vocal practices at the Cooper’s barn way out around Martin Avenue.  Eventually Bruce and JDBud returned from their army tours of duty and joined up.  Randy and Dale were the real pro’s the kept us moving ahead.  Lots of fun for a bunch of young kids!

* Dale went on to be a university music professor and world-class saxophone player truly dedicated to the craft.  He was also a member of the Nuclear Whales when they recorded their first album/CD.  Visit his website at http://dalewolford.com/page2/page2.html